1.Bottle feeder and un-loader

Bottle feeder is to load bottles into inner washer from conveyor, which is built with inner washer. Its main design principle is loading bottle accurately, preventing contamination and damage from bottles. Bottle un-loader is the device to take the bottles from

Model Name Capacity(BPH) Washing Column Line
NX-1200 1200 6 18
NX-1500 1500 8 18
NX-2000 2000 10 24
NX-2500 2500 12 24
NX-3000 3000 14 24


  • Main frame of the machine is made by 304 stainless steel
  • Sensor: CARLO
  • Pneumatic components: AIRTAC


  • Side plate made of 2mm thickness 304 stainless steel
  • Double axes bottle stopper cylinder. Guarantee accurate and stable actuation
  • Doors are equipped with high quality organic glass. Easily monitoring running status
  • Handle of door made of 8mm thickness stainless steel
  • Water chute shaped on bottom plate. Water drained quickly
  • Controlled by PLC. Working in the mode of cooperating with other equipments automatically. If inner washers stop running because of malfunction, or no bottle enter bottle feeder, it stops temporarily.
  • High quality sensor, guarantee loading bottles of accurate amount each time. And stop bottle entering properly via bottle stopper cylinder, prevent bottle damaged by machine.
  • Sufficient base space. Easy to tidy.

Working flow

Bottles entering→ pushing bottles into hoppers→ hoppers rotary in 90 degree→ pushing bottle into inner washer→ hoppers return in place 5 steps loading guarantee loading bottles accurately, without bottle drop. It loads bottles with small strength, which prevents damage to bottle, and extends the lifetime of bottles.

2. Inner washer

Inner washer is to clean, sterilize the internal of 5 gallon bottles, which is a major equipment of 5 gallon filling line.


  • Capacity : 300 ~ 3000 bottles per hour(BPH)capacities
  • Motor Output : 5HP -20HP
  • Voltage : 380V – 450V/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Air – 5Kg/cm2
  • Cylinder: AIRTAC
  • Rinsing pump: CNP
  • Motor and gear box: SITI
  • Water tank: 316L stainless steel for inside layer of detergent tanks and disinfectant tank,
  • 304 stainless steel reused water tank.
  • The metal frame of the whole line is made of stainless steel S304
  • PLC: Siemens, Inverter: Danfoss, Sensor: Carlo, Contactor: ABB/Schneider


  1. Automatic water replenishing system
  2. Super clean chamber
  3. Dosing pump
  4. Sensor
  5. Danfoss inverter
  6. Siemens PLC
  7. Side feature