PC Bottles are reused after cleaning inside and outside of bottles. Sometimes,heavily contaminated PC bottles with gasoline, alcohol and etc return back to factory.
Now most factories want to replace this task with a machine as soon as possible because they identify and classify the contaminated bottles as human’s nose.
In order to meet customer’s requirements, this odor sensing machine is designed to identify the contaminated ones automatically .


  • Automatic Processing
  • Processing time : 2 Sec./Bottle
  • Capacity: 300 ~ 3000 BPH
  • Motor Output : 1HP
  • Voltage: 380V – 450V/220V, 50/60Hz, Air-5Kg/cm2


  • Reasonable price
  • Low cost maintenance, Only Sensors need to change every one year.
  • Fully automatic control by PLC
  • High efficiency

Protection Contaminants

Benzene: 0.5ppm, Naphthalene 4 ppm, Ammonia: 0.05%, Ethanol(Alcohol) 2.5 ppm(About one drop in a bottle) Gasoline, Diesel, Benzene, Motor Oil, White Spirit Solvents: Acetone, Toluene, Color solvents, Ammonia NH3, Cigarettes, Garlic, Vinegar Soft Drinks, Cola, Lemmon, fruit juice Alcohol like Wine, fermented fruit juice, Beer, Glass cleaner, Washing products etc.

Model Name ODM-3 ODM-4 ODM-5 ODM-6 ODM-7 ODM-8
No. of Head 3 4 5 6 7 8
Capacity(BPH) 1000 1400 1800 2200 2600 3000


  1. Contamination detection nozzle
  2. Nozzle up & down
  3. Pollution bottle detection
  4. Pollution bottle Conveyor