CEO Greetings

BMI Korea Inc. is the one of the leader of bottle washer industry in the world including South Korea. We offer equipment and innovative technology to enable water production-based companies to produce 5 Gallon bottle water. Our company carries out the modern enterprise management system to execute quality control during the process of production. We offer high quality products and service to all of our customers.

Since 1999 after the foundation, over the last few decades BMI Korea developed the Bottle Washing Technology and Environmental Control for life science to make bottle washing more efficiently. Our R&D department is continuously trying to innovate an easy-use technology and equipment that will provide safe drinking water directly for the human being in the world.

Our mission doesn’t stop with the development of technologies since it takes much more than equipment to make a bottle washer successful. We also offer 5G PC Line bottle equipment consulting services, in which we work with current and prospective bottle water factory to help them design how to install the equipment. We enjoy the experience of working with our partners.

Mission &Vision

  • To manufacture and develop the best washing and cleaning technology of highest standard.

  • Advancing into global markets

  • Keep standing on our ‘Leadership Position of Excellence’ for our quality products

  • Innovate Bottle Washing and Environmental Control Technology for life



Founded as a BMI Korea Co., Ltd


Certificate of utility model registration for Container washing device and transport system

Contract with Dinghu Spring, Guangzhou Factory, China


Certificate of a patent for Natural water bulk washing way and apparatus


Contract with Dinghu Spring, Guangzhou Factory, China

Contract with Danong, Indonesia

Contract with New Technology Bottling Co., Kuwait.


Contract with Nestle, DOHA, Qatar

Contract with Nestle, Saudi Arabia

Contract with Dora Group, Zemun, Serbia

Contract with Divine Water, East Sussex, UK

Contract with Nongfu Spring, China


Certificate of a patent for Raw Water Storage Barrel Cleaning Device from China


Certificate of a patent for Pollution Natural Water Disease Automatic Discrimination and Exclusion Device that Use Smell Sensor

Contract with Pocheon Greren, Korea

Contract with Donwon F&B Junbu Factory, Korea


Contract with Spark Corporation, Japan

Contract with Spark Corporation, Japan

Contract with XTECH, Lebanon

Contract with Nestle, Pakistan

Contract with Tania Bottled Drinking Water Company Ltd, KSA


Contract with UAB GELSVA, Lithuania

Contract with Dongwon F&B Yeoncheon Factory, Korea

Contract with Pocheon Green, Korea

Contract with Jane Water Company for water, KSA

Contract with Dongwon F&B Yeoncheon Factory, Korea

Contract with Nestle Pulmuone, Korea

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Contract with La Vie Hengyen Factory, Vietnam